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Marble Podiums

why choose us to be your architect

We understand choosing an architect is a difficult decision and may be one of the biggest decisions that can change your life. To help you decide, here are some reasons why you can choose us.

1.Communication and presentation processis what makes us special.  Clear and easy-to-understand explanations based on information from our clients. 

2. We specificallyspecializes in residential projects.

3. We understand that not all clients understand the development details. weprovide 3D visualization and materials boardas clear and realistic as possible so that you can understand what your home design will be like in the future.

4. Not everyone has time, we help save your time. We are your companion fromdesign process to development supervision

5.Network development.We have good relationships with several contractors, suppliers, fabrication specialists who can help with construction properly.




You can contact us via the web, social media, or Whatsapp to get detailed information about our services. After that, we will set the timeinitial meetingbetween the owner and the architect team. Initial meetingwill discuss owner's brief and brainstorming design concepts. This process can be done online/offline and is free of charge.



We will provide a price quote and a design proposal (in the form of layouts and initial concepts) according to the initial brief, budget, and needs submitted at an initial meeting. We will continue collaborating on the design stage if you agree with the proposed proposal.



The conceptual design process is carried out with periodic assistance discussing spatial layout, form, utility, material concepts and others. At this stage, the owner can make major revisions, if there are additional needs. After all the design concepts are approved, proceed to the detailed drawing process.



Detail drawing is the process of making detailed drawings and RAB. the product of this process is used as a benchmark for the construction team/contractor in the construction. At this stage, it is not possible to make major revisions.



We will provide a brief for the contractor, and the owner's record for the construction process, to the selected contractor. You can choose an independent contractor or a recommended contractor from us.



During the construction process, we accompany the owner to direct the contractor and provide recommendations regarding technical and aesthetic matters that may be required during the construction process.

Kami akan mendampingin anda dari awal hingga akhir, agar ide tentang rumah anda dapat dieksekusi dan dinikmati.

Professional discussion

what can you expect?


Our fun design process generates fun creative ideas. You will be presented with ideas that you have never imagined before. We may not be the most economical, but we will make the design processclear and excited.


It is important for us to convey things as they should. We will be the first to tell you about the timeframe, budget, and how feasible your idea is. At the beginning of the discussion, we will tell you about the project contract so that you understand how we work and can adjust your expectations.

Budget Flexibility
Sometimes thinking about the budget makes you dizzy. We will help you find the middle ground between your budget and your desire.It's okIf you have a limited budget, we will find the best alternative for you. If you haveclear budget, we will optimize as best as possible so that there is no waste.

Co-partnership With Client
Your ideas are important to us. We work with clients as partners in building and developing ideas. This system strives to achieve design solutions that are effective, relevant, and in accordance with client preferences, so that the resulting work is always unique with a different client touch.


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