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What is the initial design procedure with natabumi?

We will conduct a site visit and initial meeting, to understand the design issues that will be handled. Next we will provide a design proposal and offer that answers your design problem. If the proposal is approved, then we can proceed to the cooperation scheme. Meanwhile, if it is not appropriate, you can request a revised proposal at an additional cost.

Is the initial meeting subject to a service charge?

Don't worry, it's still free.


Is the design proposal charged?

If you wish to take your proposal into consideration, you can claim it for a fee.

Can our house be surveyed in advance?



Has the survey been subject to a service charge?

For project areas outside Bandung, yes. But if you cooperate with us, it will be part of the design contract.


When do we start being charged a design fee?

After the initial meeting, we will make a design proposal. If you agree with our design proposal, the first design charge will be paid at that time.


Does Natabumi have a contractor partner?

Yes. We have contractor partners.


Can Natabumi help with the licensing process?

Not. But we help you to prepare all the images needed in the licensing process.


What services are served by Natabumi?

We serve new builds, renovations, and extensions for various residential projects. From an apartment, house, or villa. With the scope of architecture and interior design.


Can I work on projects outside Bandung?

Can. We are also used to working on projects in Jabodetabek


Can we get a pricelist for the Natabumi design?

Yes, please contact us to get the pricelist and the current promo.


If it's a renovation and a new build, is the design cost the same?

It depends on the scope of the renovation. If the scope area is minor renovated, then the cost is more economical than renovation with a major scope. As for the extension building, the design cost is the same as the cost of a new build.


Does the meeting have to meet in person?

Don't worry, we can have an online meeting

Is it possible to have meetings/assistance outside working hours?

Yes, we can adjust the meeting schedule to your time.

What data do we need to prepare before meeting?

List of needs such as (3 KT, 1 main KT + main KM, Family R, Meals, Clean + Dirty Kitchen, KT PRT etc.)

Primary wants and needs (do's or don't's)

If renovation, the existing house layout can be prepared by IMB/developer. If you don't have one, we can help you measure it again during the survey.


Is supervision included in Natabumi's scope of work?

Yes, we will help supervise the implementation of development. We strive to guarantee the final result is as good as the design on the picture. If in Bandung, it's free. If outside the city, only the operational charge will be charged.


Is the RAB included in the scope of work for Natabumi?

Yes, but not RAB offers. This means that the function of the RAB is to provide an overview of the estimated price and work to be carried out by the contractor. The contractor will then provide the RAB for the price quote.

What services does natabumi provide?
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